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At YanuYanu we make it easy to travel around.

Our brand new Shuttle Drones are fully autonomous and easy to use. Just get seated and choose a destination. A wonderful experience which gives you literally a completely new perspective.

All Villas have a Shuttle Drone stop near by as well as all main points of interest!



We are proud to be SL's leading resort with direct BLAKE SEA and LINDEN CHANNEL access.

To make your stay at YanuYanu even more special we offer you a Yacht Service, totally free of any charge!

Just board our custom BXX yacht and live the Blake Sea life!

Explore hundreds of sims and famous sights with your family and friends.



At Flamboyant, our skilled chefs create dishes that are not only delicious but also visually stunning. Our restaurant is inspired by local ingredients, and we take pride in showcasing the rich flavors of Fiji.

We invite you to join us for a dining experience that is indulgent, intimate, and unforgettable! 

Make a reservation with us by contacting "YanuYanubookings2" inworld or using the

support tablet at the restaurant's reception desk.

We are MyStory compatible.


Tranquility Crest

Tranquility Crest offers an immersive and tranquil experience that will relieve you of all your stress.


Book one of our services like a nice relaxing massage, facial, mud bath, manicure and pedicure or our unique cryo therapy.

Additionally, we offer Yoga and Zumba classes.


Our 24/7 gym is free of charge as well as the vulcanic waterfall pool or the beach facilities!

Make a reservation with us by contacting "YanuYanubookings2" inworld or using the

support tablet at the spa's reception desk.

Service costs are available at our Spa's reception desk.

We are MyStory compatible.



Wether you would like to try something challenging like windsurf or just to have fun with your family and friends riding our bumper boats or jetskis, the watersport base is the place for everyone loving activities (more to come!)

All free of charge!

Explore YanuYanu's underwater world yourself or

book our famous guided scuba dive tour, for sure something to remember.

(Equipment available for purchase at the watersports base)

yanuyanu marina2.jpg


The YanuYanu Marina with direct access to LindenLab waters and the Blake Sea is one of YanuYanu's highlights. It is is the perfect starting point for excursions and boat cruises and will add a lot of fun and luxury to your holiday experience.


Just rez your boat at the 'Guest Rezzing Area'  and you are good to go to explore hundreds of sims.Our Marina bar 'The Lookout'  is the right place to chill and enjoy some of SL's most famous sailing regattas and competitions.

For the boating enthusiasts of you: The YanuYanu Marina offers berth on a weekly basis, aswell as some wonderful and luxurious Villas for permanent renting, attached to the resort. Perfect vacay living for those who want the YanuYanu feel all year around!



Experience an unforgettable adventure with our YanuYanu Sky Dive.

Our experienced pilots will make sure that you and your family and friends have a fun time cruising up to the final altitude and overwatching YanuYanu and the surrounding Tuarua Fiji!

To book your Sky Dive, please contact MissYanuYanu at the front desk.



Here at BONAIRE - YanuYanu Resort there are  many ways to travel around our beautiful islands. One of our favorite ways is horseback riding. Riding a horse gives you a unique sense of adventure while meeting one of our four-legged friends. Bring your own horse, or use our Teegle horse rezzer and get started on an beach ride to a rain forest adventure.

Free of charge!

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