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welcomes you on board!

BONAIRE Airlines is based at Second Norway Lufthaven SLSN and Fiji Isle Airport SLFI serving the entire Blake Sea (charter/private flights) and offering regular flights between SLSN and SLFI, including transfers to YanuYanu Resort.

Our focus lies on an immersive RP experience for our passengers, offering Economy, Business, and First Class tickets, which differ by the level of RP and services included.

BONAIRE Airlines is located at the following spots:

Second Norway Lufthaven SLSN

Terminal A - Ticket Shop

Terminal E - Check-In &Lounges


Fiji Island Airport

Hangar 1 - Tickets, Check-In and Lounge

At the private SLSN Terminal E, we operate our check-in and lounges including VIP parking in the basements for those who arrive at SLSN by car.


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BONAIRE Airlines



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