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Please read and understand our rules before boarding an BONAIRE Airline aircraft.

By boarding our aircrafts you agree to our rules and disclaimers!


General Rules

1. No voice, no gestures and no shouting at the airport and on our aircrafts.

2. No refunds for regular flights/tickets. If you miss your flight you have the option to use your ticket for any other regular scheduled flight.

3. Private Flight passengers have a gracious period of 15 minutes (counting from your departure time). After that your flight will be canceled with no refund. You have the option to reschedule your Private Flight until 24hrs prior your departure time.

4. Please follow our staff's instructions. Passengers disturbing flight traffic or not following our instructions will be TPed home and lose their privilege of transportation with BONAIRE Airlines.

Check-In Rules and Procedures

1. Boarding time is 30 minutes prior departure time for First and Business class and 10 minutes prior departure time for Economy. (We ask Business and First class passenger to be there in time to enjoy their RP check-in)

2. If you arrive at the check-in counter later then mentioned above, you still can board the aircraft, but you loose the privilege ofa RP check-in.

3. Once the aircraft's doors are closed and secured, you cannot board anymore and loose your flight. Tickets can be used on any later BONAIRE Airlines flight. No refund.

4. Please pass your boarding pass to the Airline staff, when asked to. Boarding passes are no-copy/trans, so please take good care of it. You loose the privelege of transportation without a boarding pass.

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BONAIRE Airlines



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