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-Beach Clubs and the attached beach are public for day guests. All other beaches are for resort guests only.
At the YY Atoll, the beaches are all exclusive to our guests.

- NO age play

- No spamming, mass messaging, Random IMs to other guests. No bullying, hard language to other guests. Respects each others privacy.

- No sex offers of any kind

- Our business is based on respect and common sense and we expect the same from our guests. Upon this, we have the right to decline all services if we see fit.

- YanuYanu is part of a huge community. It is our priority to grant free passage to planes and boats. Our security system will make sure that you will not be bothered by intruders, but e.g. passing planes over your parcel/Bungalow is no reason for complaints. No action will be taken for such complaints.


- Day guests and visitors are very welcome as long as they do not disturb the resort guests who always have priority.
The beach club and its attached beach are open to day guests and visitors. To keep our beaches open to the public we would like to extend our hand for contributions. A tip jar can be found at the front desk. Thank you!


To make everyone's stay at YanuYanu as comfortable as possible we have very few and simple rules:

1. All Bungalows and Villas are equipped with a security system that only grants access to registered guests that wear the YanuYanu Resort group tag "YanuYanu GUEST".

Please do not enter any other Bungalow or Villa except your own. Every Bungalow and Villa are numbered, a number is displayed on a totem in front of each residence.

Intentional intruders will be warned and possibly banned. (which means a ban in over 1000 sims, since we are part of a big sim family)

All rental units are set to private, which means no one can cam in or out.

2. Adult action and nudity are not allowed in any public place.

Nudity and adult action in your Bungalow, Villa or Tiki is totally fine.

3. Please treat everyone with respect. That includes other guests and staff. We always try to make your stay an unforgettable positive experience, but please understand that the management and staff cannot be here 24/7.

4. If you have a complaint about any other guest at YanuYanu, please provide us with the according information like pictures, Gyazos or conversation logs.
We take complaints very serious, but please do understand that we cannot take any action without any proof.


- Disabled in all public areas. Enabled at the Bungalows and Villas.

- NO excessive gestures.

- Keep ADULT CHAT in IM and private call. If you want to be heard then there are better places. You will be warned once!


Most sims around the Blake Sea, United sailing sims, etc are Homesteads. That mean prims are limited.
Main focus and rule for all estates in the area is to guarantee free passage for boats and planes.

Though every Bungalow, Villa and Tiki has a certain prim limit that can be used for things like poseballs etc. (total for all tenants of that unit).

-If prims exceed the limit ALL objects related to that unit/tenancy will be returned without warning.

-You are allowed to rez stuff like floats at the pool and beaches while you are there. Please pick your items up when leaving those areas, otherwise, they will be returned by our staff without any prior warning.

-If you wish to rez decoration for anniversaries, proposals, etc outside your room that exceeds your prim limit, please contact benjaminbuttonss or 0vals in advance to get approval. Non-approved decorations outside your room will be returned without warning.

- NO rezzing of cars, helicopters or prim excessive object for pictures or decoration.

-In case you want to increase your prim limit please contact benjaminbuttonss

-We welcome families with kids. But please be aware of the Linden Labs TOS for child avatars in public areas.  


7. EXCURSIONS and exploring the surrounding regions
YanuYanu is embedded into hundreds of sailing sims and regions. We invite you to explore during your stay. A list of activities is available at the front desk.
Please understand that most of the regions around us are residential. That means that the privacy of our neighbors must be respected at all times. Please do not moor your boat at private docks, do not enter private homes or hang on private beaches. It reflects poorly on YanuYanu and will not be tolerated.

There are countless public places around YanuYanu like Marinas, airports, isles, etc. So before entering land or get off your boat or plane, please make sure your desired destination is public and welcoming guests.


**YanuYanu Resort
At YY Resort we allow to rez boats temporarily for departure and arrival, to start or end excursions etc. NO permanent mooring. Boats will be returned after 30mins max!

**YanuYanu Atoll
Renting a Tiki does include a boat slip. Every slip is assigned to a Tiki. you will find the corresponding number on the dock.The Tiki boat slips are located at the west side of the atoll.

When mooring your boat please have in mind the following rules:

-70 prims max. (Prims you use in your Tiki and slip count as one)
-No mega yachts
-Keep within the separation buoys
-The length of your boat should not exceed the marker buoys


-Mooring your boat is exclusively allowed at your assigned slip. Mooring your boat next to your Tiki is not permitted!

If needed, boats can be returned by our management anytime.

Thank you for taking the time to read the YanuYanu rules.

We wish you the best time and hope you have a fantastic immersive SL experience here at YanuYanu!

Juicy Fruit (0vals)
Benjamin Buttonss (Benjaminbuttonss)


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