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YanuYanu is a virtual resort in the Secondlife Metaverse.

An exclusive and one-of-a-kind immersive holiday experience that is totally MyStory compatible!

Starting your vacation with us here at YanuYanu! You will take a flight with BONAIRE - Airlines based out of Second Life's biggest airport, SNSL, to the Fiji Isle's Airport, near our resort. A helicopter, or speedboat, will bring you to YanuYanu in no time at all! (optional. Flight prices are listed here.)

BONAIRE - YanuYanu Resort is built on 5 sims, including the YanuYanu Marina. All embedded into the .::TUARUA FIJI::. estate, connecting the famous BLAKE SEA and the Linden Lab's UNITED SAILING SIM in the south and CORSICA, one of SL's biggest continents, in the north. That makes YanuYanu not just a regular vacay place on an isolated sim, but an allover experience with the option to explore and do excursions by boat or plane during your stay with us.

Sail hundreds of sims and explore new places like Fancy Deep, Second Norway, or Honah Lee. Do excursions to public meeting points, and visit marinas or public islands! Or just enjoy the beauty of YanuYanu and spend your vacation at our beach club and use our activities and amenities! Which include jet skies, windsurfing and scuba diving.
Our staff will help you to choose the perfect excursions and activities for you, or check the attached NC. Our interactive map will help you move around YanuYanu easily.

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