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To book with BONAIRE Airlines you have the following options:



Buy a ticket of your desired category at our ticket terminals, which you find at all BONAIRE Airlines locations.

You can use your ticket on any regularly scheduled BONAIRE Airline flight. Check our flightplan to choose a connection and just be at the designated terminal in time.

Join our group for flight announcements or possible changes/cancellations.

You can do that either at the ticket terminals or our service/check-in counters.

Read our Airline and Check-In Rules prior to your flight.

Passengers with a booked stay at BONAIRE YanuYanu will be shuttled to the resort via helicopter.


Chartering a Private Flight with BONAIRE Airlines offers the advantage to choose your very own departure time and destination.


To book a Private Flight with us, please contact Elise Fugazi inworld for personalized V.I.P. assistance.

To book a Private Flight in combination wih a stay at BONAIRE YanuYanu Resort, please contact MissYanuYanu inworld.

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BONAIRE Airlines



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