**IMPORTANT: Before initiating the check-in process, please make sure you are not set to "unavailable" or "away". Our system will not be able to send you a group invitation otherwise. Also, please make sure you have one available group slot left!!**

1. In front of your reserved residence you will find a rental terminal. Right-click the blue RESERVED sign.

Choose the option 'GRP INVITE' from the pop-up menu and you will receive the YanuYanu tag, giving you access to your residence.


Adding additional guests:
1. To add guests to your residence please touch the terminal in front of your bungalow.

2. Choose 'Tenants' from the menu, then 'Add Tenant'. Enter your guest's name in the required box.

3. Your guest then, will be sent a group invite and added to your residence's security system. Make sure your guest is online and available, to make sure the group invite does not get lost.

4. In case your guest did not receive the group invite, they can always trigger a new invitation attempt by touching the red BOOKED sign at the terminal and choosing the option called "Grp Invite".
Please make sure to read and understand the RENTAL INSTRUCTIONS before you check-in. YanuYanu will not refund any lost rental time due to any issues that are clearly explained and stated in these instructions.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at the YanuYanu to the fullest.