Reservations are the perfect option for those, who want to book a certain residence for a certain date.

To do so, please contact "MissYanuYanu" inworld or use the support terminal at our front desk. A staff member will get back to you asap.

Apart from the residence, you will be able to book flights and also additional services, such as restaurant dinners and Spa treatments.

On the day of your arrival, our staff will welcome you and help you check-in with you and your guests.

Please read and understand the following guidelines for

reservations with YanuYanu.

Reservations must be done and confirmed at least 48hrs before the desired arrival.

All payments must be done in advance to confirm your reservation.

Check-ins are guided by our staff and are possible between 12:00 pm SLT and 10:00 pm SLT.

When making your reservation, you will be able to choose an arrival and check-in time within this time frame.

Please do not be late. Our staff will wait for 15 minutes.

If you do not make it at the confirmed check-in time YanuYanu offers you the unique option to check-in yourself, which means you do not lose the booking.

(Please be aware that the rental time starts with the confirmed check-in time)

Check-in times can be rescheduled latest until 24hrs before arrival.

In case you cannot make it in time and you want to check-in yourself, you will find easy step-by-step instructions here.