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As member of the YanuYanu Concierge Team you will be supporting the YanuYanu board (owners and general manager) to handle check-ins and support tickets.

You will be added to the MissYanuYanu suppport system and receive IMs sent to MissYanuyanu.


1. Replying to general Support Tickets sent YanuYanubooking and YanuYanubookings2

As Concierge Team member you will reply to all general inquires. Ignore any reservations requests, requests about booking and services or amenities, rescheduling appointments.

We made sure that all possible questions are covered by our website. Though some guests tend to ask questions that are easily being answered by checking the website. Your duty is to route them to the correct link on the website.

Support tickets will be forwarded to you as IM from MissYanuYanu and look like this:


[22:32] MissYanuYanu: (Saved Thu Aug 25 04:26:48 2022)Skullobius Marques submitted support request at 2022-08-24 19:26 SLT:
hey there, weve been looking where to book can you help?

(1) pick up this request by replying: CONFIRM-CONVO 1673558
(2) contact customer in-world

To reply to this support ticket first copy/paste the CONFIRM-CONVO 1673558 into the very same MissYanuYanu chat.

This will trigger the following message indicating that the support ticket is taken care of:

[22:32] MissYanuYanu: (Saved Thu Aug 25 04:28:57 2022)Contact Skullobius Marques has been taken by Bartesian

Now check for the name in SL search and contact the person and greet them with

"Welcome to YanuYanu. Let me help you with your support request. You will find the information you are looking for here:"

and copy/paste one of those links:

A. Questions on how to get a tag, adding additional guests

B. Questions on how to make a reservation for a certain date

C. Check available villas

D. How to book any available villa instantly

E. Infos about the villas

F. Infos about amenities

G. Guest cannot find villa/amenity venue

You will experience that sometimes people will continue to ask, even though all required information is found on the website. Therefor please get familiar with the FAQ, to be able to help our guests 1-on 1.

Most important here are these questions:

-How do I check-in myself?

-I did not get a tag, how do I get a tag?

-How do I add my partner, how does my partner get a tag?

(Tags are just needed for rezzing, access to the Villas is granted by the security system. So once a guest is added as tenant they will have access,even without a tag!!)

2. Check-in Support

To avoid the case, that guests with a reservation arrive at YanuYanu and no-one is available for the check in we changed the check-in procedure to make it possible to do it remotely without any YanuYanu board member being present:

-The villa rentals will be set up and running BEFORE the agreed check-in time.

That means that guests can move in even alone and that they do not loose their rental in case they are late or miss their check-in. (They just loose the time being late)

-Access to the Villas is granted by the security system, not by tag. Means as we assign the rserver and all guests to a villa in advance they can enter the Villa anytime even without the tag (tag is actually just needed for rez rights)


-The board will send an IM/notecard to the reserver on the day of check-in with all information about how to check-in/access Villa. Means check-in support should be the exception and not needed generally.

-Due to HIGH DEMAND we will personally check-in guests with prior flights to YanuYanu. Everyone else will be checked-in remotely unless they have issues and need support.

When does check-in support apply?

If you see a Missyanuyanu ticket or a guests appraoches you directly in IM saying something like:

"I am here for my checkin, what do I do?

"My check-in is at 1pm, where do I go?

"How do I access my Villa?"

"My check-in is at 1pm but we will be late..."

...and similar.

You will reply the following:

Welcome to BONAIRE YanuYanu Resort. Your villa will be ready for you and your guests to check-in at XXam/pm SLT.

Please check your itinerary for the landmark to your villa. You and your guests have access to your residence, as you all have been added to the Villa's security system. If you did not get your group tag yet: You and any assigned guest can easily achieve it via the rental terminal in front of your villa. For detailed information about tags and how to ass additional guests, please check here:

For any further inquiries please use the support tablet at the front desk and our staff will get back to you asap.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us here at YanuYanu.

3. Reservation requests

Reservations are exclusively made by and with the owners/GM.

Nevertheless we ask you to reply to all reservation requests, unless an Owner/GM has done that already.

Reservations for Villas AND Services must be done at least 48hrs in advance.

This leads to the following options of replying:

1.1 A guest wants to reserve a Villa for the same or next day:

"Thank you for your interest in staying with us at BONAIRE YanuYanu Resort. Unfortunately reservations have to be made at least 48hrs prior your desired Check-In date.

Therefor we recommend you our direct-booking option, renting any available Villa and checking-in yourself anytime that is convenient to you: Further information you will find here:

Our availbale villas you can check here:

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact MissYanuYanu at the front desk!"

1.2 A guest wants to reserve a villa for the upcoming week or later:

"Thank you for your interest in staying with us at BONAIRE YanuYanu Resort. Your request has been forwarded to our management, that will contact you within the next 48hrs to help you with your reservation."

2.1 A guest wants to make a reservation for amenities and services for the same or next day.

In this case we do not take any reservations unless we have a covered but unreserved shift in the calender.

-If there is a covered, unreserved shift available contact the guest.

-Help them choosing the right service and and picking the right vouchers at the vendors at the Spa or restaurant.

-Once they have purchased the cards/vouchers, fill in the details into the calender.

!!Sky diving, airline flights and scuba diving ALWAYS need to be booked at least 48hrs in advace with no exception!!

If we do NOT have any availability for the same or next day reply:

"Welcome to BONAIRE YanuYanu Resort. Unfortunately we do not have any availability left for your desired date. We recommend to book any services at least 48hrs in advance. If you wish to book a service during the weekend, we recommend to reserve a week in advance."

2.2 A guest wants to make a reservation for amenities and services for the upcoming week or later:

(Same applies to requests that want Villa and services)

"Thank you for your interest in staying with us at BONAIRE YanuYanu Resort. Your request has been forwarded to our management, that will contact you within the next 48hrs to help you with your reservation."


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